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Contact Info

Contact Info

Smt.D.Amuthavalli, Librarian i/c
NIS - Library
National Institute of Siddha
Tambaram Sanatorium, Chennai - 600 047.
FAX: 044 22381314
Phone: 044 22411612

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NIS – Library is a unique information resource centre involved in collection of books and other documents on Siddha medicine and other related information to P.G. scholars, Ph.D. students, faculty and other community who need it to for benefit of the society. The library is building a good collection of documents in the domain area of the institute and Department of AYUSH and providing various kinds of library services to its users. The acquisition policy of NIS-Library aims to acquire and retain all important Siddha and other Indian medicine publications published from and relevant to country.

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Library Statistics

Library Statistics

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Total Title(s): 4421

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